Prototype Productions Limited

CNC Milling


At Prototype Productions, we have two Bridgeport Vertical Machining Centres, and one Hurco VM20i for our CNC milling service. They are accurate, fast, and robust.  

Our Hurco was recently added in 2021; with the built-in conversational programming it allows us to radically reduce our programming/ setting times to offer a quick and efficient CNC milling service. It is also fitted with a 4th axis.

For more complicated profiles, we use OneCNC computer aided programming software, for generating complex cutter paths and programming.

Whether you require low volume prototype parts or high volume production, Prototype Productions is ready to be your manufacturing partner for your CNC milling needs. 

Hurco VM10i

Hurco VM20i

Hurco VM30i

VMC 600 Digital

5 Axis Rotary Table